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walking boot

The VACOped (formerly known as VACOcast) Achilles Injury/CAM walking boot is the number one choice of patients and physicians alike for treating Achilles injuries. Not to mention that it is 416 Physio's favourite walking boot, as well! We have personally tested all available walking boots and Achilles wedges, watch our review here. It has an adjustable, articulating ankle feature (-10 to 30 degrees of plantar flexion) and a controlled Range of Motion feature thus allowing and enabling a more active recovery. We carry most sizes at our clinic.

Price CAD410 +HST, free fitting included.

IMG_2057 - Edited (1)_edited.jpg

EvenUp Shoe Balancer

The EvenUp Shoe Balancer is a must-have device after an Achilles rupture or for anyone wearing a walking boot! It's worn on the uninjured foot and will make walking much easier as it helps to reduce compensatory hip, knee, and low back pain caused by uneven gait. EvenUp provides a 1/2" to 1" lift to help offset the additional height brought about by wearing an orthotic walking boot. It works on either foot. We carry most sizes at our clinic.

Price CAD55 +HST

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