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Tiara Brooks

Registered Massage Therapist

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Dynamic release techniques

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I’ve been a competitive athlete from a young age in a wide array of sports including: rugby, field hockey, and Olympic weightlifting. I’ve experienced countless injuries such as concussions, ligament tears and strains. I’ve experienced the rehabilitation process on numerous occasions as a patient, which has inspired me to help others return to the sport or activity they love.

I’ve also been a personal trainer for over six years working with everyone from athletes to desk workers. I enjoy teaching and learning about biomechanics and human anatomy, which inspired me to become an RMT. During treatments, I use several modalities including: joint mobilizations, rhythmic mobilizations, deep tissue massage and dynamic release techniques. My goal is to help patients recover from injuries, reconnect to their bodies and improve resilience and strength to prevent further injury.

If I’m not at the clinic, you’ll find me at the gym lifting weights, performing Olympic lifts, doing pilates or doing a WOD at Crossfit. I also love to travel and hike a mountain in every destination I go to. You may also find me at a football game, baseball game or at Indigo stocking up on some new books.

Fun Fact:

I can play both the cello and double bass!

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