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Physiotherapists are university-trained registered primary health care professionals who can assess, diagnose and treat injuries/conditions of muscles, joints, and the nervous system. At 416 Physio, we strive to make you healthier and stronger by helping to reduce your pain, improve your function, restore your mobility and get you back to the activities you love. During the initial session, our physiotherapists take a detailed interview to learn more about your injury, contributing factors, specific goals, and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Throughout the treatment sessions, they will utilize various skills, including manual therapy, acupuncture, and exercise prescription to help maximize your recovery. We ALWAYS provide one-on-one care, with no assistants or aids. We work in partnership with you and your health team to help you recover and stay well.

Our Physiotherapists can:

  • Rehabilitate both acute and chronic injuries

  • Provide pre/post-operative care for joint replacements, ACL, rotator cuff, bunion repair etc.

  • Treat sports injuries and help guide your return to sport

  • Treat running-related injuries 

  • Optimize joint mobility and healthy movement for osteoarthritis

  • Treat neck and lower back pain

  • Treat sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments

  • Improve and maintain your physical performance

  • Manage TMJ Dysfunction (jaw pain)

  • Create individualized therapeutic exercise programs 

  • Educate and plan for load management and return to activity

  • Provide excellent care for Achilles Rupture management 

  • Help with bone health and healthy aging 

  • Improve your strength, manage pain and improve how you move 

  • And much more…

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