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Achilles Rupture

At 416 Physio, we specialize in treating Achilles ruptures and we see more patients with this condition than any other clinic in the Toronto area. Whether you and your team decide on a nonsurgical or surgical approach, we have got you covered. We promote early weight-bearing and functional rehabilitation because it yields the best results. Tendons get stronger with careful gradual loading, weight-bearing and strengthening. Everybody has their own pace of healing and we will work closely with your surgeon for maximum benefits. We are committed to following the latest evidence, while combining it with years of personal experience, and providing careful (and cheerful) guidance throughout the process.


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Orsi's Story


Even though Orsi was familiar with treating this injury beforehand, it still came as a bolt out of the blue when she ruptured her Achilles while exercising on a park bench. She chose not to have surgery and recovered very well. Experiencing an Achilles rupture with all the uncertainties, questions, and doubts that emerge along the way gave her a unique viewpoint and a wealth of knowledge that she is more than happy to share. Realizing the gap between research evidence and the care patients often receive, it is her mission to improve the quality of rehabilitation, not just for her patients but for everyone who has to go through this unfortunate injury. Follow @416physio on Instagram and download the 416 Physio Achilles Rupture Protocol for more information.

Achilles Rupture Rehabilitation Phases

Phase 0: Protection (1-2 weeks)

Life, in general, can be overwhelming at this phase, as you suddenly have to spend most of your time on the couch, unable to carry out your regular activities and duties, while hearing lots of information from different resources.

• Protect tissue, control inflammation and swelling by elevation
• Initiate non-weight bearing exercises while in boot/cast
• Surgical: avoid infection and other related side effects

• Frequent elevation of the injured limb above heart level
• If you are in a boot, wear it 24/7, you can loosen it while lying down to air it out
• Consider short term use of a knee scooter or iWalk for increased mobility and function (long term use not recommended, as it does not load the tendon at all)


I had a very positive experience with 416 Physio after rupturing my Achilles Tendon. Orsi has a wealth of knowledge directly related to achilles injuries, and as someone who has gone through the difficult rehab process herself, she is in the best position to empathize and advise all the way through it. I especially enjoyed the clinic's efforts to make exercises and therapies easy to understand through their instagram demonstrations. If you're dealing with an achilles injury, Orsi is the one for you!

VACOped boot and EvenUp

How can these products aid in your recovery

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Next Steps

At 416 Physio, we offer in-person and virtual appointments. Most people prefer in-person sessions, but a hybrid model is a great alternative. If you live in Ontario, we can guide you through the rehab process using our online platform and send you helpful links and videos along the way. If you already have a physio but would like some advice, or a second opinion, we are happy to do a one-hour consultation where we can assess your current state, identify gaps in your rehab (if there are any), and provide you with suggestions.

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